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The xOP System is an alternative to the Levels System of channel permissions management. This system is the default for new channels and is essentially a simplified form of Levels. This is good for those that are just starting out on IRC, or those will only need to manipulate user statuses for their channel. It is recommended if you require more channel security to use the Levels system instead of xOP

User Statuses

Four different user statuses are available in this mode. Note that all modes will be automatically set if the user is identified before joining and has AUTOOP on (which is the default for newly registered nicks)


Known as Channel Admin or Protected Op, this is the highest mode a user can have on a channel without being the founder.

  1. Users with this status are granted modes +oa
  2. These types of users are not kickable except by the owner
  3. Most channel functions are available
  4. This is the only settable access level permitted to read channel memos
  5. Allowed to set additional AOPs, HOPs and VOPs


These are your standard channel operators

  1. Users with this status are granted mode +o
  2. Some channel functions are unavailable, such as replacing Zbot keys and Akick management

This is also the minimum level required for:

  • Adding HOPs and VOPs
  • Add bot definitions (NOTE: This means there is NO access to replace, append or forget (delete). Be very careful not to make any typos, lest you will have to get the channel owner to fix it)
  • Bots to display greet messages set through NickServ on join
  • Bot fantasy commands


These are Half-Operators, which are channel operators with very limited powers. This is good if you need extra ops, but want their access to ChanServ functions limited, or if you want to be able to have someone get used to operator abilities. Halfops can mainly:

  • Kick and Ban users from the channel, but these bans won't stick after all users have left a room (since they're done with the standard /MODE command)
  • Get mode +h on join
  • Add VOPs


This allows for automatic voice, which allows these users to speak if the channel mode +m is set. Despite having 'OP' in the command, there is no operator functionality available to these types of users. They will get mode +v on join.

Management commands

Note that the format is the same for all four types of statuses. The only difference is the status used.

Add JoeDoe to AOP:

 /CHANSERV AOP #channel ADD JoeDoe

Delete NotHere from HOP:

 /CHANSERV HOP #channel DEL NotHere

Show the entire access list:


View certain entries of the access list:

 /CHANSERV ACCESS #channel LIST 1-3,5,7-9

It should be worth noting that mass delete with /CHANSERV ACCESS is not available in xOP mode, even though mass listing is.

For more detailed examples, read the example section of the xOP article