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xOP levels

Our channelservice ChanServ knows 5 levels in the xOP system; 4 operator levels and 1 generic level:


This level can't really be assigned to others. A channel can have only 1 founder, namely the owner of the channel. When identified, the Founder will get Founder status (~/q) on the channel. You can transfer the ownership of a channel to someone else with the SET FOUNDER command:

  /CHANSERV SET #channel FOUNDER newOwnersNickname

For example to transfer ownership of the channel #liquorCabinet to the user Auchentoshan, you use:

  /CHANSERV SET #liquorCabinet FOUNDER Auchentoshan


It is also wise to set a SUCCESSOR with the SET SUCCESSOR command:

  /CHANSERV SET #channel SUCCESSOR nickname

The founder rights of the channel will get transferred to this user should the original founder let his/her nickname expire, or fail to show up in the channel for 50 days. So, if you want to set JackDaniels as successor of the channel #liquorCabinet, you use:

  /CHANSERV SET #liquorCabinet SUCCESSOR JackDaniels

Please note that Successor is not a level within the xOP/ACCESS system, so it will not automatically come with operator rights. A successor will only get operator (founder) rights when ownership gets transferred to him/her when the original Founder loses their rights.


This is the socalled SuperOPerator status. A SOP has extended access to the services of ChanServ, for instance placing an AKICK (Autokicks, read more about this on: http://www.chat4all.net/manual/manual-chan_eng.html#AKICK) SOPs will automatically get admin (&/a) status in the channel when they are identified for their nickname.


This is the AutoOPerator status. An identified AOP will automatically get operator (@/o) status on the channel when they're identified for their nickname. AOPs also get access to ChanServ services, but less than SOPs. They can for instance use /CHANSERV KICK and /CHANSERV BAN, but don't have access to /CHANSERV AKICK.


This is the HalfOPerator or HelpOperator status. An identified HOP will automatically get half-operator (%/h) status on the channel when they're identified for their nickname. They have very limited access to ChanServ commands. It is basically so they can use /topic, /kick and /mode +b without giving them too much other rights.


Apart from these operator levels, there is also the VOP level, for VOiced Persons. VOPs automatically get voice (+/v) status when they are identified.

Who can assign levels

  • The Founder can add and remove SOPs, AOPs, HOPs and VOPs.
  • SOPs can add and remove AOPs, HOPs and VOPs.
  • AOPs can only add and remove HOPs and VOPs.
  • HOPs can't add or remove anyone on the access list.

How to add

Adding a SOP can be achieved with this command:

 /CHANSERV SOP #channelname ADD nickname

For instance to add the user JackDaniels as SOP to the channel #liquorCabinet, you run:

 /CHANSERV SOP #liquorCabinet ADD JackDaniels

An AOP can be added by SOPs and Founders with:

 /CHANSERV AOP #channelname ADD nickname

For instance to add the user JackDaniels as AOP to the channel #liquorCabinet, you run:

 /CHANSERV AOP #liquorCabinet ADD JackDaniels

An HOP is addable by the Founder, SOPs and AOPs through:

 /CHANSERV HOP #channelname ADD nickname

For instance to add the user JackDaniels as HOP to the channel #liquorCabinet, you run:

 /CHANSERV HOP #liquorCabinet ADD JackDaniels

And finally, VOPs can be added by the Founder, SOPs and AOPs with:

 /CHANSERV VOP #channelname ADD nickname

For instance to have the user JackDaniels automatically be voiced on the channel #liquorCabinet, you run:

 /CHANSERV VOP #liquorCabinet ADD JackDaniels

Status icon overview

~ Founder of the Channel
& User with +a (Admin/SOP) status
@ Regular Operator  
% Half-Operator
+ Voiced user

Important notes

You need to be logged in with a nickname that has the appropriate status in your channel; you can't just execute the commands with any random nickname. If you can't remember how you can log in to your NickServ account, please read our article on identifying for your nickname.

Anyone with any form of (xOP) access level will need to identify for their nick everytime they connect to the IRC network, before they get their status/rights. This is to prevent abuse.

Identify through ChanServ

However, there is 1 exception. You can also get founder access, and thus be able to execute almost all ChanServ commands, by logging into the channel through ChanServ with the password that was used to register the channel:

 /CHANSERV IDENTIFY #channelname channelsChanServPassword

For instance, if the password used for registering the channel #liquorCabinet was 'booze', then you can identify as founder for it with:

 /CHANSERV IDENTIFY #liquorCabinet booze

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