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On the Chat4All-Network it is possible to register your nickname.

Doing this it, you ensure no-one can use your nickname unauthorised, and once your nickname is registered, you can also use our other services, such as ChanServ, MemoServ and HostServ.

Some notes

All commands you see here have to be typed in your chatwindow (preferably on the StatusWindow of your IRC-Client. If you don't understand what I am talking about, it is the first window usually, different from the one where you usually chat. Else just type in the commands where you usually type your textmessages to the other chatters)

Also make sure you don't forget the slash-character / at the front of the commands!

Step One: Registering through NickServ

This first step is very basic. Once you've chosen a password of your own, you can use the following command:

 /msg NickServ Register YourPasswordHere YourEmailAddressHere

You should replace YourPasswordHere with the password you've chosen.
(Note: the password is case-sensitive. This means that Password, PASSWORD and passWORD are different passwords..)

You should also replace YourEmailAddressHere with your valid E-mailaddress. (The address has to be valid, because a confirmation e-mail will be send to it..) If things go right, you should receive a notice-message from NickServ that contains something like this:

NickServ : A passcode has been sent to Your@E-MailAddress, 
please type /msg NickServ confirm <passcode> to complete registration

Step Two: Confirming your account-registration

Once you've completed the first step, you should open your E-mail to find the passcode that has been sent to you. The E-mail will look somewhat like this:

Subject: Nickname Registration (YourNickname)
From: registration (AT) chat4all (DOT) org
You have requested to register the following nickname YourNickname.
Please type " /msg NickServ confirm 50m3c0d3h3r3 " to complete registration.
If you don't know why this mail is sent to you, please ignore it silently.
chat4all administrators.

of course the confirmation code will be different ;)
So, just follow the instructions, copy the entire line /msg NickServ confirm 50m3c0d3h3r3 to your chatwindow to confirm your registration.

You should now get a Notice-Message from NickServ again, this time stating that the registration has been completed:

NickServ : Nickname YourNickname registered under your account: *your@*
NickServ : Your password is YourPassword - remember this for later use.

If, however, you get a different message, stating that the giving confirmation code was incorrect, then you should check for errors in your typing, perhaps you misjudged a zero (0) for an 'O'-character or a capital i for a lowercase L.
The best way to prevent typos is, to select the line from your E-mail, copy it (by holding down the CTRL-key and pressing the 'c'-key), and paste it in your chatwindow (by holding down the CTRL-key again and pressing the 'v'-key).

Step Three: Remembering to Identify

Well, your nickname is registered now, but you should identify for it at least once every 50 days!
So, how do you do that? It is quite simple! Everytime you connect to the chatserver and you use that nickname, nickserv will remind you to identify for it.

Notice: NickServ : This nickname is registered and protected. If it is your
Notice: NickServ : nick, type /msg NickServ IDENTIFY password
Notice: NickServ : Otherwise, please choose a different nick.

So, again, just follow the instructions given to you ;)
All you have to do is type in:
/msg NickServ IDENTIFY YourPasswordHere
(and of course replace YourPasswordHere with the password you used when you registered your nickname)

So, if you have familiarised yourself with the whole IDENTIFY-process, you can also set some extra options.

Step Four: Setting the KILL and other Options

With the default settings, nothing will happen if someone else uses your nickname.
But if you want to make sure that no-one else can use your nick unauthorised, then you should set the KILL-option.

NickServ's HELP on the KILL-option
NickServ : Syntax: SET KILL {ON | QUICK | IMMED | OFF}
NickServ : 
NickServ : Turns the automatic protection option for your nick
NickServ : ON or OFF. With protection ON, if another user
NickServ : tries to take your nick, they will be given one minute to
NickServ : change to another nick, after which NickServ will forcibly change
NickServ : their nick.
NickServ : 
NickServ : If you select QUICK, the user will be given only 20 seconds
NickServ : to change nicks instead of the usual 60 seconds. 
NickServ : 
NickServ : If you select IMMED, user's nick will be changed immediately
NickServ : without being warned first or given a chance to change their nick;
NickServ : please do not use this option unless necessary. Also, your
NickServ : network's administrators may have disabled this option.

So, what does this all mean?
Well, basically it means that if someone does not use the NickServ IDENTIFY-command for your registered nickname, the nick will be changed to GuestXXXXX (where XXXX resembles a random number).

There are 4 settings for it as you can see:

/msg NickServ SET KILL ON
this will set the KILL feature on with the default Identification-time of 60 seconds.
The person then has 60 seconds to identify for the nickname.
/msg NickServ SET KILL QUICK
this will set the KILL feature on with the shortened Identification-time of 20 seconds. The person then has 20 seconds to identify for the nickname.
/msg NickServ SET KILL IMMED this will set the KILL feature on with the IMMEDIATE Identification-time. The person then has to immediately identify for the nickname. NOTE: This is somewhat of a dangerous option as you need to identify IMMEDIATELY,
which can usually only be done by automated scripts,
and thus is NOT suggested for standard users.

/msg NickServ SET KILL OFF this will disable the KILL feature

There are more interesting options to be found by using the following command:

/msg NickServ HELP SET


/msg NickServ HELP

Another helpful function is the NickServ GROUP command.
You can find more information about this command by typing:

/msg NickServ HELP GROUP

in your chatwindow.
I will also make a wiki-page about it later on.