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At the Chat4All server we have 2 session limits in effect. A global network sessionlimit which is monitored by our services, and a per-server session limit.

This means that we only allow a maximum of 5 concurrent connections from 1 IP on the entire network.

All excessive connections will be denied. If you continue to try to establish more concurrent connections from 1 IP to our IRC-Network than our network session limits allow, you run the risk of having an automated (temporary) IP-Serverban (Akill) to be placed on your entire connection to prevent further hammering of our network.

If you think you have a valid reason to have more concurrent connections than the current session limits allow, you can open a support ticket through our support portal. Should an exception be granted, you will most likely only get an increased network session limit for your IP, which means you will have to divide your concurrent connections over our various servers. Only in rare situations will we add a server exception for your IP with an increased server session limit.