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  / non-SSL ports: 6666-6669,7000 / SSL ports: +7001
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Welcome to the Chat4All IRC Network; a free, publicly accessible network!

We have quite some helpful information available for you through our:


Also, our Anope Services (NickServ, ChanServ, BotServ, HostServ, MemoServ, ReportServ and HelpServ) can be messaged HELP as well for info. For example: /NICKSERV HELP, /CHANSERV HELP, /MEMOSERV HELP, /HELPSERV HELP For information about commands, use /HELPOP, for example /HELPOP USERCMDS

If you can't find the information you need, feel free to /JOIN #Help or open a support ticket on If you have an issue that requires the network staff, such as an abuse report, or a forgotten password, please /JOIN #Support instead.

This network has some official channels, managed by the Chat4All Staff:

 #Lounge - Our main international channel for English and Dutch conversation
 #Trivia - Play a friendly, yet competitive, game of Trivia.
 #Chat4All - For promotion of your own channel  

By default your host/ip is partially masked by umode +x, if you want to mask your entire host, and have a registered nickname, then you can request a VHost (Virtual/Vanity Host); read for details and use /HOSTSERV REQUEST yourident@your.vhost to request one. It is not allowed for website owners to circumvent the default host-masking through preconfigured clients.

Even though we are a free, publicly accessible IRC network where you should feel free to speak your mind, we do have some ground rules to ensure everyone can enjoy their stay and feel welcome:

What is *not* allowed on this network:

  Nn     Nn OOOOOO - Racism, harassment, personal attacks or other abuse;
  NNn    Nn Oo  oO - Illegal activities (such as Warez,(D)DoS or childporn);
  NnNn   Nn Oo  oO - Flooding, Spamming or Advertising;
  Nn Nn  Nn Oo  oO - Advertising, or Promoting of other chat-networks/channels;
  Nn  Nn Nn Oo  oO - Nuking of any kind, such as warbots or using exploits;
  Nn   NnNn Oo  oO - Excessive Cloning: Max.5 concurrent connections per IP;
  Nn    NNn OOOOOO - Use of (Open-)Proxy or Tor-servers (/helpop aboutproxies);

More detailed rules can be read through the /rules server-command (/quote rules) Please keep IRC fun for everyone and abide to these rules. If you don't, you risk being temporarily or permanently revoked access to our chat server. Ignorance of these rules isn't an excuse. If you wish to discuss the rules, you are welcome to open a support ticket. We reserve the right to block or terminate your connection at our will.

This is server: If you intended to be on the US server, enter via

Chat4All is managed by volunteers, please value their time and effort. Our team consists of Adonix, Saya, FiXato, Foxman, o_o, Siiw and Reikart. Positions on the team are invite-only, so no need to ask for an o-line. ;) For detailed info, please use the /staff server-command.

We wish you a nice and pleasant stay on our network! Message of the Day v3.0

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                     IRC is a privilege NOT a right