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#Help : The Chat4All IRC Help Channel - Help-ops (%, @, &, ~) are here to help you

#Help is our main support channel. Here you will find our staff and other helpers available to help you.

You can identify an helper by the % sign in front of his/her name. This indicates the user is a HalfOperator or HelpOperator. The HelpOperators and Operators (which can be identified by a @, & or ~ sign in front of their name) are there to help you.

You can also use our ChannelBot WatchdoG to get support. Just type a question mark followed by the one word query you wish to learn more about. For instance:

 ? vhost

would have WatchdoG respond with:

 [WatchdoG:#help] vhost == A Vhost is a Virtual Host . If you want to request one, you can type /msg HostServ REQUEST . The ident can be max 9 characters and is optional. For detailed information regarding vhosts, including
request requirements, read -- Voor Nederlandse info, typ: ? vhost-nl

If our bot can't help you, and there are no #help-staffmembers available to help you, you may open a support ticket via our Support Center. You can also send one of the help-staff, or the channel itself, a memo (/MEMOSERV HELP) (though MemoServ can only be used by users who are registered through NickServ!)

Please do not idle in our help channel. Once you've received an answer, please leave our support room.