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Translations required

There are still quite a lot of articles that need to be translated. If you find an article that is only available at Keyword, for instance ZBot, which isn't available in your language yet (so if for instance there isn't an NL/ZBot article yet), then you can tag the page with

 [[Category:Articles Needing Dutch Translation]]

and possibly already create a placeholder page with on it:


Please try to keep the main keyword articles in English.

If the article is about something more generic, and it is translatable, then you could use the translated keyword as article name. For instance FloodProtection -> FloodBescherming. You could also add a fallback REDIRECT page for the NL/FloodProtection page as well, if you think it would be useful.

Redirect pages can be made by putting the following text on the page you want to redirect:

 #REDIRECT [[ArticleYouWantToRedirectTo]]

So in our example. the article redirect NL/FloodProtection would contain:

 #REDIRECT [[FloodBescherming]]

Articles requiring translation to Dutch

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