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Placeholder page for instructions on how to auto-identify in several IRC clients

Using the server password

This only will auto-identify you upon connect if you are connecting with your registered nickname. For this to work, you need to specify your nickserv password as the 'server password'. Note that while this works for Chat4All, other IRC networks might not support this feature. In most IRC clients you can set this in your server/network connection settings. Or if you connect using a manual command such as /SERVER, you can specify it at the end as last argument, for instance:


 /SERVER YourNickservPassword


to add as a permanent network:

 /server add chat4all -ssl -autoconnect -password=YourNickservPassword

to connect as a temporary server:

 /connect -ssl -password=YourNickservPassword

Using scripting

mIRC Perform

To reach the perform buffer, go to the Tools Menu > Options, then locate Connect > Options in the left tree menu. Clicking on the Perform... button brings up another window, where you should first make sure "Enable perform on connect" is checked. Once it is, hit the Add button. If you have assigned a network name (for instance Chat4All) to the Chat4All server(s) in the Server-list, then find Chat4All in the list and hit the OK button. With Chat4all selected in the Network dropdown, put:

 /NICKSERV IDENTIFY replaceWithYourPassword

in the perform commands. Keep pressing the OK buttons to leave/confirm everything and reconnect. You will see that you have been automatically identified.

A graphical representation of the above:


mIRC Remotes Script

Open the Scripts Editor via Tools > Scripts Editor (or just hit Alt-R), and in the Remotes tab insert this code:

 on *:CONNECT: {
   if ($network == CHAT4ALL) {
     /nickserv IDENTIFY yourpassword

Reconnect to verify you have indeed been automatically identified.