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ZBot is a module for BotServ which can be used to assign definitions to keywords.

Activating ZBot

Only the Founder (the one who registered) of the channel can enable ZBot for their channel:

 /BOTSERV SET #channelname ZBOT ON

For instance, if you channel's name is #voca, then you execute:


De-activating can also only be done by the Founder:

 /BOTSERV SET #channelname ZBOT OFF

For the channel #voca that would be:


Fantasy Commands

If the ZBot module is active in the channel and the BotServ bot is present in the channel (because there are 2 or more users), then certain commands can be used by typing the command text in the channel. Not everyone has access to all commands, therefor the following overview:


Displays the help overview of ZBot
? <keyword
Shows the meaning for the given <keyword>
Example: ? help
?? <keyword>
Shows the meaning and whoset statistics for the given <keyword>
Example: ?? help
!whoset <keyword>
Shows by whom and when given keyword has been set and how many hits it has received
Example: !whoset help
Gives statistical info over the ZBot database, such as the number of entries and number of hits
!last <number>
Shows the last <number> of keywords learnt by the bot
For the last 25 definitions this for instance is: !last 25

AOPs and above

The following commands are only available for AOPs, SOPs and the Founder of the channel.

!learn <keyword> <meaning>
Allows you to make the Bot learn a <meaning> for a <keyword>
For instance: !learn help If you need IRC help, then go to #help


These commands can only be used by the Founder of the channel (the person who registered it).

!forget <keyword>
Allows you to make the bot forget a keyword
For instance, to drop the keyword 'help': !forget help
!replace <keyword> <new meaning>
Gives a <keyword> a new <meaning>
TO change the meaning of help for instance into: !replace help For technical IRC support, /join #help
!append <keyword> <additional meaning text>
Append an additional meaning to a <keyword>
For instance to add ' at Chat4All' to the current meaning of the keyword help, type
!append help at Chat4All
!rename <oldKey> <newKey>
Allows you to rename a keyword
To rename help to irchelp you type: !rename help irchelp
!lock <keyword>
Should allow you to lock a <keyword> from being edited
Example: !lock irchelp
!unlock <keyword>
Unlocks a locked <keyword>
Example: !unlock irchelp

Short overview

  • Only channel-owners/founders can use !forget, !replace, !rename, !lock, !unlock and !append in their channel.
  • Only AOP/SOP/Founders can use the !learn command.
  • Everyone can use the !whoset, !stats, !last, ? and ?? commands.