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How To help Us?

If you like to participate in the development of a huge gathered FAQ site for IRC. That is suited for newbies and pros, who don't hesitate to help us out.

How to Start ?

First you need to Register. Afterwards you are able to edit almost any page you like or contribute information on any page you like! Of course the Admins are able to undo your changes if we feel that your contribution has no value to our site. Some important articles have been locked for administrators only though, however you can still use the Talk page for that article to suggest changes.

Next part

Whenever you feel like making a contribution, you Login and click on "edit" to modify the page or click on "+" to add something on a certain page. Make your contribution usefull for other peoples!! It's of no use that you start spamming for your own site or channel! We will remove the pages.

How to create a new page?

This is actually the easiest part! There are several ways to create a new page :

  1. You create a new page by putting the page title behind index.php/ (eg index.php/newpage) and there you'll find a blank screen where you can start editting you page.
  2. You create an internal link (eg [[here your text]]) . After you've editted the page you can click on the red link to create your new page!

Keep your contributions related to Chat4All, IRC & our Services