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Translations required

If you find an article that is only available at LANG/Keyword, for instance NL/ZBot, which isn't available in English yet, then you can tag the page with

 [[Category:Articles Needing English Translation]]

and possibly already create a placeholder page with on it:


Please try to keep the main keyword articles in English.

If the original article only has a Dutch name, you can create a redirection page. For instance, if the article about floodprotection is only available in Dutch, and is called FloodBescherming, then you can create a redirect page at EN/FloodBescherming that redirects to FloodProtection. Redirect pages can be made by putting the following text on the page you want to redirect:

 #REDIRECT [[ArticleYouWantToRedirectTo]]

So in our example. the article redirect EN/FloodBescherming would contain:

 #REDIRECT [[FloodProtection]]

Articles requiring translation to English

This category currently contains no pages or media.