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The chat-applet is a client (program) to connect to our IRC-network. It is written in Java, a cross-platform programming language. There are several java irc-applets out there, such as PJIrc and snIRC. At Chat4All we offer a code generator to use our registered, modified JPilot applet on your website. JPilot ( was a paid irc-applet solution, which ceased to exist some time during 200, and is no longer available for download. We now also have a more modern flash chat solution, where you can also generate code for.


Since the applet is written in the Java programming language, you need to have the Java Runtime Environment installed.
Since Microsoft isn't supplying Java anymore since the release of Windows XP, you will need to download it from the main manufacturer, SUN.
You can download the Java Runtime Environment from SUN's download page.
This will allow you to run Java applets from your browser.


Grey screen

My users only see a grey screen or a red cross! Your applet isn't working!!
The applet itself is working, but your (complaining) users either have not installed the required Java Runtime Environment, are using a too old version, or have not clicked on YES when asked in the popup to allow the applet to run.
Please see the Download section on this page for more info about where to download the Java Runtime Environment.

No Popup

My users don't see a popup window asking them to accept the applet! Your applet sucks!
It isn't the applet that sucks, it is your browser and/or popupblocker that isn't working properly.
Due to (excessive) restrictions in Microsoft Internet Explorer or a too high setting of your popup blocker (Google toolbar for instance), the popup asking whether or not the applet may be allowed to run, is being blocked and thus not shown.

Solution 1? Disable your popup blocker, lower your browser's security level and/or add chat4all to your whitelist (refer to the manual/help file of your popup blocker and/or browser for info on how to do this).

Solution 2? Try a different browser such as Opera Browser or Mozilla's Firefox.

Java disabled

Enabling Java under Internet Explorer might be done by following the following steps:

a) Enable Java in Internet Explorer
  1. Select Tools then choose Internet Options. The Internet Options screen appears.
  2. Select the Security tab.
  3. Click the Custom Level button. The Security Settings screen appears.
  4. Look for the Java Permissions section.
    * If the section does not exist, continue to the next step.
    * If the section exists, choose Low, Medium or High safety
  5. Click OK. The Internet Options screen appears.
  6. Click OK.
b) Switch to the Sun Java Runtime Environment in Internet Explorer
  1. Open the Windows Control Panel by clicking Start > Settings > Control Panel. The Control Panel appears.
  2. Locate and double-click Java or Java Plug-in. The Java Control Panel appears.
  3. Look for the Browser tab.
    * If the Browser tab does not exist, skip the rest of this section.
    * If the Browser tab exists, click the Browser tab.
  4. Under Settings, select the checkbox next to your browser.
  5. Click Apply to save your settings.
  6. Restart the browser.

None of Above

Still not working? Contact us in the #help support-channel, or open a ticket at our support portal.