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On the Chat4All Network it is possible to register your own chat, or channel in IRC terms.

This will allow you to manage your channel under your registered nickname (if you have not yet registered your nick, click here to do so), and manage such things as what users have operator access on your channel and control or otherwise limit what users can access your channel in a more permanent fashion.

Some notes

All commands you see here have to be typed in your chat window (preferably on the Status window of your IRC-Client. If you don't understand what I am talking about, it is the first window usually, different from the one where you usually chat. Else just type in the commands where you usually type your text messages to the other chatters)

Also make sure you don't forget the slash-character / at the front of the commands!

Also make sure your nick is registered and that you have channel operator powers (@) before trying to register a channel

Step One: Registering with ChanServ

This first step is very basic. Once you've joined the channel you want to register (you should get opped (@) when you enter) and chosen a password of your own, you can use the following command:

 /ChanServ Register #channel YourPasswordHere Description Here

You should replace #channel with the name of the channel you are registering and YourPasswordHere with the password you've chosen.
(Note: the password is case-sensitive. This means that Password, PASSWORD and passWORD are different passwords..)

The description can be anything you want; usually a short description of what your channel is about. It is shown if someone performs a /chanserv INFO command on your channel.

If all goes well you should see something similar to:

 * ChanServ sets mode: +r
 * ChanServ sets mode: +q YourNickname

in your channel.

Step Two: Identifying for your channel (generally optional)

For the most part, the password you set when registering is not necessary, as when you are identified to your nickname, you will also be identified to your channel and be given +oq on entry. The password is mostly useful in the event you want someone else to also have "founder" powers as well (they will lack access to, say, the DROP command).

To use the channel password to identify to your channel, do:
/ChanServ IDENTIFY #channel YourPasswordHere
(and of course replace #channel with the name of your channel and YourPasswordHere with the password you used when you registered your channel)

Now that you know how to identify to your channel, you can also set some extra options.

Step Three: Setting the topic and various other options

Firstly, there is discussion on various methods to secure your channel further located at our ChannelSecurity page, which discusses the XOP and Levels systems, channel keys and methods of restricting access.

The topic can be set just with the standard /topic command:

 /topic #channel Insert topic here

ChanServ will retain the last set topic automatically by default in the event your channel empties out and will set it back when the first person enters.

A message can be sent to all users joining your channel by setting an entry messsage:

 /ChanServ SET #channel ENTRYMSG Type message here

There are more interesting options to be found by using the following command:

/ChanServ HELP SET


/ChanServ HELP

These will list all ChanServ options and SET options.