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Using ChanServ's MLOCK:

 <@FiXato-AFK> ? mlock
 * [WatchdoG:#help] mlock == Sets the mode-lock parameter for the channel. 
 ChanServ allows you to define certain channel modes to be always on, off or free to be either on or off.


 /msg ChanServ SET #channel MLOCK modes

Where modes have to be replaced by the modes you want to be either locked on or of, for example +ntS-lips


 /msg ChanServ SET #channel MLOCK +ntsk myKey

to lock the modes n, t, s and k with key myKey.
(n = no external messages, t = only operators may change topics, s = secret, k = key) to remove the mlocks, just do the command again without parameters or limited parameters, e.g.:

 /msg ChanServ SET #channel MLOCK +

to unset all MLOCK modes


 /msg ChanServ SET #channel MLOCK +nt

to set the default MLOCK modes.

You can also force modes not to be allowed on your channel by using a - sign instead of a + sign:

 /msg ChanServ SET #channel MLOCK -s

won't allow the channel to be set to secret mode.

Created: FiXato 14:50, 3 May 2006 (CEST)
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