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So, as you can see, I am a 21 year old guy from a small but proud country called, The Netherlands (AKA Holland). Some of my hobbies include, but are not limited to, PHP/WebDev, Chatting, hanging out with friends, taking pictures, making long walks on the beach or in a forest and many more things.

I am currently in the process of raising my own company, FiXato. The plan is to offer hosting, webdevelopment solution and custom-made websites.

In my time as webdeveloper I have done several tasks, such as developer for the XMB Forum software. One of the projects I am working on now is a custom projectsdatabase website for

In my free time, you can usually find me idling, talking, or doing my job as IRC Operator on my favorite chatnetwork, Chat4All. It‘s one hell of a funny bunch there ;)

In my free time I am also a DeeJay for PleasureRadio where I play Gothic, Rock and Metal ;)

Well, more info coming soon.

Filip H.F. Slagter, aka FiXato